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On Remote Scorecard, you will find rankings and reviews for remote work resources:

  • Remote-friendly and Remote-first companies
  • Training options for companies and workers
  • Applications, tools and services for improving remote worker productivity and team cohesion
  • Locations for remote work such as co-working spaces and hotels
  • Job boards that specialize in remote roles
  • Remote work articles
  • A curated list of links to the thought leaders in the world of remote work
The world has is ever changing. People and companies that don't adapt will be left behind.

Site History
I started to see strong momentum for the remote work movement in 2019. As a longtime remote work advocate, I was predicting that 2020 would be the year that remote work became mainstream.

Advances in technology have flattened the Earth, making it possible for most white-collar, desk and knowledge jobs to be done from almost anywhere... as long as the workers are given the proper tooling and support from their company. After leaving a long time Director role at Salesforce, I decided to put my energy towards supporting the remote work movement and published a Kindle e-book titled, "Making Remote Work, Work For You".

While reading through a New Year's Eve Twitter thread by Andreas Klinger, one of his ideas resonated with me:
"Glassdoor for remote work env".

Before COVID-19 forced companies to change their stance on remote work, there were a handful of companies that were considered the leaders in the remote work movement, while some other companies dabbled in it, often treating it as a perk.

Then COVID-19 hit and many companies were forced by the government to offer "work from home" arrangements to their employees. They were fighting for survival and trying to figure out how to "do the remote thing" while keeping their companies afloat and serving their customers. It was almost the equivalent of changing the tires on a moving car...

This site aims to address the following concerns about remote work:
  • Many companies have now "gone remote", but who is doing it well?
  • More apps and services are popping up to support the movement, but are they worth your time?
  • Many people are stuck at home with their families, trying to put on their best face and be somewhat productive.
    All the while, many hotels and resorts are sitting idle. According to reports, some of these destinations will be changing strategies to support remote workers. They have the infrastructure in place and lots of spare capacity.
  • WIth remote-friendly companies no longer bound by geographic limits, workers may find it difficult to find the right role and get noticed among a worldwide talent pool.
Remote Scorecard is the place to find rankings and reviews of remote work resources, such as companies, applications, services, jobs and training.
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