Remote Scorecard -
How is Your Company's Remote Work Culture?

Companies with the best remote work cultures employ a key set of criteria, workflows and communication protocols. This makes it possible for them to build global teams of happy, diverse and productive employees. Perhaps not coincidentally, some great "remote first" companies evolve into "people first" companies where employees enjoy harmony between their professional and personal lives, asynchronous communication, goal based work, 4 day work weeks and very few meetings.

Remote Scorecard is not just another listing of companies hiring for remote roles. It grades each company based on the aforementioned key criteria. Although many companies are now supporting some type of remote work arrangements, the "remote work experience" can differ for each company. It is important for companies to clarify "how remote" they are.

Since remote work is a spectrum, it is not enough to simply state your company is "remote friendly" much like it is not enough for a job seeker to state she is "looking for a remote role". Companies should clarify expectations around working locations, timezones and communication protocols. It is equally important for job seekers to be honest about the level of remote work they are seeking.