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Panther helps companies hire everywhere, without the red tape. We take care of global payments and compliance, so you can build the best team, anywhere in the world.

Typically, hiring abroad typically requires building or buying a local branch, registering it as a subsidiary of your headquarters, filing for local bank accounts, keeping up to date with changing local labor laws and collective bargaining rights, and contracting local payroll, accounting, legal, and HR personnel. This process takes months if you're lucky, a year if you're not, and restarts in every country you hire from.

Panther makes it possible to hire people abroad seamlessly as our international employment experts take on the heavy lifting. Specifically, Panther licenses entities around the world that act as the local employer-of-record for your employees. Your team will be on our payroll, allowing us to take care of local compliance, social and pension contributions, and income tax retention. They work for you as any other employee.

We license entities across 135+ countries, supercharge them with local compliance experts, and take on worldwide payments. So you don’t have to.

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