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*Voodle is the short video app for business.* It allows teams to quickly capture, share and discover important information using short video.
*Voodle supports the future of work.* It helps teams and colleagues quickly share and discover important information so they can make more informed decisions faster, no matter where they work--home, office, or on the road.
*Voodle is an essential part of the remote-collaboration tech stack.* Text-based chatter is efficient and video conferencing provides more human connection, but oftentimes what you really need is what asynchronous short video can provide - which is the best of both worlds.
*Voodle streamlines workflows.* With the click of a button, short videos are shared across the places work gets done most, like Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack and more; or with the individuals and teams who need the knowledge to make more informed decisions faster.
*Voodle enhances company-wide knowledge-sharing at scale.* AI-powered search allows anyone in the organization to instantly discover and watch relevant information, trending topics
*Voodle gives users the freedom to consume short video the way they prefer* with 2x viewing, scanning transcripts, or watching highlight reels from anywhere, any time

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Created on Jun-29-2020 20:33 UTC
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