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williams sonoma inc

Williams-Sonoma is a high end housewares brand. They are the umbrella company for Pottery Barn, PBTeen, Pottery Barn Kids, Mark & Graham, West Elm and Rejuvination.

HQ location: San, Francisco, CA
Number of employees: over 1000

This company's remote score: 20 out of 150.
Practices "asynchronous first" communication: No [0 points]

Remote friendliness: Remote tolerant for some employees [10 points]

Where employees can work: Home [5 points]

Support for flexible schedules: No. Company office hours only. [0 points]

Support for flexible holidays: No. You are granted traditional holidays. [0 points]

Global company: Employees are scattered across a couple of time zones [5 points]

In-person onboarding for new hires: No. [0 points]

Are mentors assigned to new hires: No. [0 points]

Does the company bring all employees together for retreats: No. [0 points]

Remote stipend offered: No. [0 points]

How transparent is the company to employees: Not at all. [0 points]

Salary philosophy: NOT ENTERED

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Created on May-03-2020 00:50 UTC
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[ZERO stars!] You’re an ass in a seat, that’s it.

Working for Williams Sonoma has been absolutely brutal. It is not a flexible schedule at all, and overtime is consistently forced on you during “peak” times. Things out of your control like local power outages, medical emergencies and their software not working is counted against you. Your direct supervisor is a babysitter, and they rarely, if ever can help you. They offer a 40% discount on non sale items, and 20% on sale and clearance, which makes the items only slightly less expensive.

Requesting vacation time (you get 2 weeks) or sick time is near impossible, as it’s based on “business need” and there is always a need. You also will get kicked off your shift without the rest of the day’s pay if they don’t need you. It’s very hot and cold, and no one in the company is ever any help ever.

God forbid you need to call IT, all of their bugs are blamed on you, and your internet latency, and you have to beg for them to check your settings on your avaya phone. Calling HR is worse, as the people who pick up the phone can’t actually help you, and they will just “put in a note” for the person who can.

Lastly, and probably worst of all is the calls. The call quality is always an issue. It can be great, then absolutely terrible in the span of 2 seconds- and you don’t know what you’re gonna get with each call. You’re responsible for knowing all brands, their promo codes, their exclusions, and their exclusive email codes are rarely, if ever in the promo code look up tool.

They tell you you are empowered to make decisions, but your hands are tied and you cannot assist the customer without breaking policy, so there is no empowerment, just frustration on all ends. Policy is distinctly anti-customer and customer retention, supervisors avoid taking call escalations, and tell you to “take control of the call” after you’ve done your best and have waited for help for 30+ minutes at times. This place is a disaster. Avoid, avoid, avoid!!!