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Largest industrial and manufacturing company in the world. Home/commercial building systems, aerospace/defense, manufacturing (safety, productivity, automation, retail products), enterprise software and tech.

HQ location: Charlotte, NC
Number of employees: over 1000

This company's remote score: 70 out of 180.
Does the company practice "asynchronous first" communication as the default:
No [0 points]

Remote friendliness:
Remote tolerant for some employees; remote work is treated as a perk [10 points]

Which work locations are allowed:
Work from an office only [0 points]

Support for flexible schedules:
No set hours; work whenever. [10 points]

Support for flexible holidays:
Yes, you are granted an unlimited amount of days to use whenever. [10 points]

How global is the company:
Employees are all over the world. [10 points]

In-person onboarding for new hires:
Yes [10 points]

Are mentors assigned to new hires:
No. [0 points]

Does the company bring all employees together for retreats:
Yes, once a year. [5 points]

Does the company offer remote work stipends:
No. [0 points]

How transparent is the company to employees:
Some transparency. [5 points]

Does the company furnish equipment (laptop, phone, etc.) for its employees:
Yes, the company furnishes equipment for employees. [10 points]

Does the company advocate for remote work through social media, blogs, books, videos, speaking engagements, etc:
No [0 points]

Salary philosophy:
Equal pay for equal work. Location does not matter. [0 points]

Created by Unregistered on Nov-14-2022
Relationship to company: Employee

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