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Bestinremote is a new platform where people connect for remote work, project and much more.
You own social media with only 1 purpose; to bring together employers and candidates from all over the world and build connections.
It's also Free! More room to develop.

HQ location: In The Cloud
Number of employees: 1-100

This company's remote score: 50 out of 150.
Practices "asynchronous first" communication: No [0 points]

Remote friendliness: Remote first! [20 points]

Where employees can work: Home [5 points]

Support for flexible schedules: No set hours. Work whenever. [10 points]

Support for flexible holidays: Yes, you are granted a set amount of days to use whenever. [5 points]

Global company: Employees are all over the world. [10 points]

In-person onboarding for new hires: No. [0 points]

Are mentors assigned to new hires: No. [0 points]

Does the company bring all employees together for retreats: No. [0 points]

Remote stipend offered: No. [0 points]

How transparent is the company to employees: Not at all. [0 points]

Salary philosophy: NOT ENTERED

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Author's relationship: Owner
Created on May-15-2020 08:12 UTC
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I see great potential in this. Keep it up.