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WFH Recruitment LTD is a recruitment business that works across many diverse industries globally, with the aim to hire remote employees, directly. We are based in London, UK and since everyone is working remotely today, we are location agnostic.

We are reaching out to other remote friendly companies to explore ways in which we can best partner and promote, the remote service or remote way or living, either through shared practices, services or networking opportunities.

Twitter: RemoteWfh
HQ location: London, UK
Number of employees: 1-100

This company's remote score: 115 out of 150.
Practices "asynchronous first" communication: No [0 points]

Remote friendliness: Remote first! [20 points]

Where employees can work: Anywhere on their own schedule [25 points]

Support for flexible schedules: No set hours. Work whenever. [10 points]

Support for flexible holidays: Yes, you are granted an unlimited amount of days to use whenever. [10 points]

Global company: Employees are all over the world. [10 points]

In-person onboarding for new hires: Offered, but not mandatory. [5 points]

Are mentors assigned to new hires: Yes, there are multiple mentors across different teams. [10 points]

Does the company bring all employees together for retreats: Yes, once a year. [5 points]

Remote stipend offered: Yes, for internet, equipment, co-working memberships, etc. [10 points]

How transparent is the company to employees: Full transparency. Financials, hiring plans, product roadmap, salary calculator, etc. [10 points]

Salary philosophy: Equal pay for equal work. Location does not matter. [0 points]

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Created on Jul-21-2020 14:23 UTC
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